The Global Tech Experience


Imagine yourself with a high-growth career that has a global impact. Now, join us and stop imagining.

This summer, earn credits, credentials and a career portfolio to jumpstart your future.

Earn six credits towards graduation and enhance your resume by tackling real-world projects from global companies!

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Three Tracks. A World of Opportunity.

Within each track, students will immerse themselves in multicultural environments to develop in-demand tech and collaboration skills to succeed in our evolving world.

Intro to Coding Track

(6 Credits)

The world needs more developers. Learn to code by building websites and apps for users around the world using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Digital Marketing Track

(6 Credits)

Global commerce is going digital. Learn how to launch and market products across the world using Shopify, Instagram, and Google Ads.

Data Analytics Track

(6 Credits)

Our world runs on data. Learn how to use data analytics to make data-driven decisions with Excel and Tableau.

Leaders of Tomorrow, Owning Their Future Today.

The world is changing how we work.

Be prepared to change with it.

Whether working in-person in Belton or remotely in Bali, two things are certain: employers expect you to speak the language of tech and effectively collaborate with teams from across the globe. 

Here at UMHB, we're providing students with "future-proof" skills to ensure our graduates are career-ready anywhere in the world.

I wish I could have everyone I know take this course and know how wonderful it is.

JUNIOR | Advertising

It has been an honor being a student in the Global Tech Experience. I'm so glad I decided to join!

SENIOR | Mathematics

Unsure Which Track
is Right for You?

Reach out, and we'll help you choose the right one.

Contact the UMHB Global Tech Experience Team at (254) 294-2977.

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